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We tailor make our solutions to meet our customers’ needs, by taking into account everyday threats and risks which we safeguard against.
Secure Mobility

Secure mobility is a key area within our realm of expertise. Our highly trained security personnel escort customers in vehicles equipped with the necessary security details, to keep our customers safe at all times. We operate across various regions in Africa and around the world, to support our customer's missions. Our solutions are tailored; we deploy security profiles as dictated by the threat intelligence gathered in the area of operation. We also offer customers airport meet and greet services, to make your travel seamless from inception.


Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to, business continuity and evacuation plans. standard operating procedure, and risk management. We have a team of experienced consultants with a wealth of knowledge in hostile, complex and emerging markets – a capability that is invaluable in supporting our customers’ operations. We have a range of consultants that are ready for deployment at a moment’s notice. We invest in security training to keep our employees abreast of global standards and best practices.

Guarding Services

Within our plethora of capabilities, we can provide consultancy and management of the physical security requirements for our customers. To ensure in-country economic development, we partner with a 100% locally owned guarding provider in every region we operate in. We have gone through a stringent vetting process to select partners that share our vision and passion for security. Our uniformed security personnel help institutions and businesses protect their people and assets.

Electronic Security

We offer our customers a range of ISS outputs to protect life and assets; Proteqtus supplies, installs and maintains these systems. Our solutions are designed to add value by reducing costs, which is achieved by supplementing some of the physical security manpower with electronic security systems. We offer a range of systems spanning from CCTV, access control, full intrusion and panic alarms, gate automation, time and attendance systems, personal and vehicle tracking, etc. We have stringent agreements in place with various hand-picked suppliers to cater for our customers’ bespoke requirements.

Training & Development

We ensure our security providers and customers are provided with the highest quality of training to ensure their safety. Our training covers a range of specialist security curriculums that focus on reducing our customers’ exposure to risk and ensuring they are prepared to operate more safely in challenging environments. Our training includes driver and guard training, Hostile Environmental Awareness Training (HEAT), as well as basic first-aid and fire-fighting training.


We ensure all personnel deployed on our projects meet our high standard of training and certification. We have an in-house city and guides certified trainers, and whenever required, we bring in external training experts to align to a global best practice.

Event Security

At Proteqtus we understand that all customer needs and events are unique, requiring a customised approach. We provide experienced personnel who are considered experts in their specific field.

We ensure meticulous attention to detail with advanced planning and preparation, to provide tailor-made outputs. We offer a vast range of solutions such as emergency planning, security planning, event security personnel and bodyguards, airport protocol, secure mobility, armoured vehicles, as well as any personalised requirements to meet our customers’ needs.

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