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Video Demos

Surveillance Technology 

exacqVision - Introduction

exacqVision 9.0 gives administrators more control over who can access the video management system, and powerful tools that improve situational awareness and reaction time to critical security events.

exacqVision Illustra camera integration

exacqVision offers a complete high definition solution with the Illustra line of IP video cameras. Illustra cameras combined with exacqVision recorders provide the easiest, high quality, high definition video surveillance solution.

Access Control Technology 

Brochures & Presentations

Download product brochures and presentations

Proteqtus (Company Introduction Presentation)

Introduction into Proteqtus and the services we provide

exacqVision - Professional

Powerful, Intuitive VMS Software

exacqVision - Brochure

Product Brochure

American Dynamics

Integrated Solution

Kantech - EntraPass

Kantech EntraPass Corporate Edition

Kantech - KT400

Kantech KT400 controller

DSC - Neo

DSC Neo - Power Series

Zecure (PanicGuard) Brochure

Personal Tracking App and Platform

Motorola DM 4401 Mobile (Data sheet)

Motorola DM4401 Digital mobile radio

Motorola SLR5500 Repeater (Data sheet)

Motorola SLR5500 Digital repeater

Tetra PTT Smart Talk Digital Radio

DPR1 - Handheld Radio (Standard)

Tetra PTT Smart Talk Digital Radio

DPR2 - Handheld Radio with LCD Display

Tetra PTT Smart Talk Digital Radio

DMR - Mobile Radio with LCD Display

Proteqtus Security and Safety Tips

Kantech - ioSmart Card and Multi-Technology Readers

ioSmart Smart Cards and Multi-Technology Readers provide a cost-effective migration from older proximity cards to advanced smart card technology. This family provides enhanced security through end-to-end AES-128 encryption over RS-485 when used with Kantech’s KT-1 or newer KT-400 door controllers while it can be also used with any other access controller using Wiegand protocol.

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